Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Brick Gone Wrong

Yesterday I decided to do my second brick workout.  I went with The Husband to the usual place we ride, which is outside our city natatorium.  He was going to do some swimming drills, so I decided I'd run a mile or so while he did that.

I took off at my usual pace, and felt pretty good.  The sun was beating down on me a little, but it didn't feel too bad.  I ran longer than my usual interval, and everything was feeling pretty good.  I returned to the parking lot, dripping sweat and really, REALLY hot.  I pulled out my phone to check the weather and saw that it was 95*, with a heat index of 98*.  HOT.

I stood around waiting for The Husband to come out of the natatorium so we could ride our bikes.  Another friend was joining us, and once she and Tyler were there we started getting ready to go.  I put on my helmet, and within a minute or so I started feeling lightheaded and dizzy.  I gulped down some Nuun (Tropical flavor, which was new to me!) and tried to cool off.

After a few minutes I decided to sit down and removed my helmet.  We decided to skip the ride since I wasn't feeling too steady, and we went home.  I felt bad for making The Husband miss his scheduled ride, but it was definitely for the best.  We will try to make up for it this afternoon, but we're under a severe thunderstorm warning right now, so that may not happen.

Lesson learned - even if a run feels good, it takes some time to get reacquainted with hot-weather running!

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