Thursday, April 5, 2012

Weekday running

You know, this whole running thing would be a heckuva lot easier if I didn't have school, work, and LIFE getting in the way all the time! ;)

Yesterday I had my appointment to get my castings made for my custom orthotics. It was a surprisingly quick and easy process, and I should get them in a few weeks (I'm assuming, I kind of forgot to ask). The casting materials they use are pretty cool - they put a plastic bag over your foot, and then they wet what looks like a no-show sock with water, put it on your foot, and it magically hardens! Apparently it's made from fiberglass, which is a big step up from the plaster of Paris they used to use.

The weather yesterday on my drive home from work was GORGEOUS. It was nice and cool, with a breeze, and not *too* sunny, but not really cloudy, either. I had grand plans to go for a 4 mile run on the trail where we train on Saturdays, since I was going to be in that area for my appointment, anyway. Then I almost fell asleep in the chair waiting for the doctor to come do my castings, and by the time I left it had warmed up probably 10-15 degrees, and the breeze had died down. Plus I felt badly for not getting any homework done.

All in all, instead of my four mile run, I hit Starbucks, where I read an article for one of my classes on my Nook (love that it reads PDFs!) and then headed home. DH and I had takeout Chick Fil A for dinner and then FINALLY hit the grocery store. We also went by CVS to pick up my thyroid meds, and then we went for a short (2 mile) run. We did a fair bit of walking just because, so I don't know (or want to know!) our pace. And to top it all off, we had a pack of dogs come surging out of a house barking fit to raise the dead that nearly gave me a heart attack. :-/ Not the best run I've ever had (but probably not the worst). Looking forward to 8 miles on Saturday!

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