Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Long Run - 4/14/12

Saturday we headed out to Grapevine for a long run with our TNT family. I decided to go for 8 miles. Pre-run fuel was a kolache/sausage roll (jalapeno cheese, to be exact!), not exactly the healthiest or most traditional option, but whatever.

We had a really great run, no foot pain or calf tightness for me! The weather was pretty great, too, not too hot or humid. We stuck to our intervals (5 run/2 walk) pretty much the entire time, and when I started to lag or tried to stop running early, The Husband did a great job of encouraging me to continue on, which I really appreciated.

We finished in about 1:57 (this included a long-ish bathroom break which I forgot to stop the watch for), so our overall pace according to the watch was about 14 minutes/mile. Not too bad for a long run!

We're planning on a short run this evening (either on the road or trying out some trails), and probably another tomorrow evening. Saturday will be either 6 or 10 miles, I haven't decided yet.

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