Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Vacation Run

Last week I traveled to Las Vegas, NV to visit my mom during my spring break. I brought 2 sets of running clothes so that I could do a bit of training while I was away, and on my first morning after arrival, I set out to run around their neighborhood.

I did 2 loops of their gated community, which totaled about 1.6 miles. Not a very long run, but better than nothing (especially after an evening of wine tasting and beer drinking the evening before). It felt pretty good, and the best part of all: NO foot pain! I guess I'm getting used to the orthotics, which is a relief.

I didn't manage to get in my second run, and I haven't run since I returned, but I'm planning to go out tonight for a few miles.

In other news, I've decided to switch events for the summer. I was originally planning to run the full distance in Anchorage on June 23. That got changed to the half after my PF diagnosis, just so I wouldn't aggravate things. Now, after looking at my class schedule for the summer (and considering my fund raising minimum), I have decided it would really be best to switch to the Rock n Roll San Diego half marathon, June 3. This way the event will occur during my 3 week break from classes, so I won't have to do homework (or end up behind in class) while I'm away. I'm a little sad about missing out on Anchorage, but I know it'll be there in years to come. On the bright side, I will get to meet one of my friends from the Interwebz while I'm in San Diego, and it will be my first visit to southern California!

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  1. Jealous, jealous, jealous that you're going to do the San Diego half. We're going to be there the weekend before to visit friends. Why didn't I check before we booked our tickets, because I would have loved to run this one. I adore San Diego, and you're going to have a blast! :-)