Monday, March 19, 2012

Saturday Long Run - 3/17/12

FYI: Saturday is our normal long-run day. I wake up super early (around 5:15AM), drive ~45 minutes to the area where our Team in Training group meets, and we start running around 7AM. I love running with a group - although I don't run "with" anyone besides The Husband usually, it's great to meet with like-minded people and run for a common goal.

Anyway, Saturday the full marathon folks were scheduled to do 12 miles. I, of course, am injured, so I've just been doing what I can. Saturday I decided I'd do at least 4 and see how it went, since it was only my second time running in the orthotics. The first 2 miles still felt terrible - my feet were fatigued/achy-feeling like I had run 13 miles already. This sensation stuck with me (at varying levels of intensity) for about 2 miles, and then - *poof!* - it stopped! I guess it's just a warm-up thing, because the next two miles went by with no aching, burning feeling AND I wasn't experiencing any arch or calf pain. It was great! I still decided to stop after 4 miles, although I think I could have gone longer. I don't want to push too much too soon while breaking in the orthotics.

Since I'm a bit behind in my training plan I think I may shoot for the half marathon (and a PR!) in Anchorage. I can set my sights on a full for December or February, I think, and get in solid training for that. The only trick will be keeping up my base mileage over the summer - it's SO HOT here in Texas that each run is an epic battle of the will just to get out the door.

This week I'm planning to run tonight (2-3 miles or so?) and 2x while I'm visiting my mom in Las Vegas. My flight leaves early tomorrow morning, so I may not post again until I return on Saturday.

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