Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Monday Night Run 1/23/12

Last night we started our run at about 9:30PM. We were only scheduled to do 2 miles, so we set out on our normal route through the neighborhood. The weather was pretty nice, barely any wind (thank goodness!). Can't remember the overall pace, but it was a little faster than 15 min/mi. My legs and feet felt a lot better than they have the past week, which makes me happy. Husband and I had a difficult conversation at the beginning of the run which put my mood in the tank, unfortunately. I have been feeling very stressed lately, so I'm hoping getting in a good long run soon will help with that, but you never know!

Run Stats:
2.04 Total Mileage
29:02 Total Time
14:13 Average Pace

Next scheduled run is 3 miles on Wednesday.

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